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How You Can Help

Our community is the backbone of Graham Windham. Your support makes our program possible.

Our Mission is to provide each young person we serve in New York with a safe, loving family and the tools they need to thrive in school and life. Here’s how you can help:

Download: This coloring page, get out your markers, and share your legacy projects with us @grahamwindham using the hashtag #ElizasStory!

Tell us:

  • What will your legacy be?
  • What is your passion and what will you create with it?
  • How will you share YOUR passions with the world to make a difference?

And learn more about Graham Windham’s services and programs:

    • After School Programs: We run after-school programs to help students succeed and provide critical and ongoing support where it is needed.
    • Preventive Services: We provide preventive services programs that keep families together and help parents care safely for their children.
    • Child Care: We provide care for over 900 children helping them return home safely, or find the right loving and supportive home through our Family Foster Care Program.
    • Education: We educate over 300 students at the Graham School, providing individualized instruction, treatment, and vocational training.
    • Coaching: We coach and develop youth career until the age of 25, though our Graham SLAM Program.

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#ElizasStory coloring card designed by @ColoringBroadway and @KayleeRowena.